Products and Solutions

Heat Pumps - Greenleaf Therma


Heatpump decreases your cost for heating by upto 75%

Automatic Chiller Cleaning System - Greenleaf Sphera


Automatic Chiller Tube Cleaning system for 100% scaling and fouling free operation.

Industrial Energy Efficiency Solutions


Tailor made energy efficiency solutions designed by our R&D division and executed by our projects team. 


Greenleaf Green Solutions offers specialized energy efficiency engineering solutions to different industrial sectors. With the global focus shifting to sustainable and responsible development, Greenleaf recognizes the need for sustainability-centric energy projects and ventures and delivers unique strategies specifically designed to suit individual organizations technological, financial and in- house objective requirements. Greenleaf provides best in class thermal energy efficiency solutions and renewable energy solutions.

Greenleaf offers thermal energy solutions for all industrial sectors which are highly efficient and sustainable. Greenleaf SpheraTM is a state of the art technology developed by Greenleaf for chiller tube cleaning in HVAC systems. This solution uses sponge balls passed through the tubes to keep the tubes clean from fouling, facilitating efficient heat transfer. The solution achieves upto 20% reduction in power consumption by chillers. 

Heating is high energy consuming process in any industrial sector. Conventional heating using fossil fuels are highly inefficient and cause a lot of harm to the environment. Greenleaf has introduced heat pump based heating systems for industrial processes, as well as residential and commercial buildings. Our heat pumps work with high coefficient of performance (COP) making it a highly efficient heat source for different purposes.