Greenleaf Therma - Heat Pumps

Heat pumps being the most efficient method for heating, has found its way to most of the industrial as well as domestic heating processes. Greenleaf Therma heat pumps are the most efficient heat pumps with a Coefficient of Performance upto 4.5. We offer air source and water source heat pumps starting from 1 Kw to 2000 Kw thermal output. With our state of the art R&D and highly experienced projects team our heat pump based heating system is the best option you can find for your process heating requirements. 

Greenleaf Sphera- Automatic Tube Cleaning System

Scaling and fouling are serious issues that affect the healthy functioning of an HVAC system or any heat exchanger systems. It reduces the efficiency of the system and eventually cause shutdowns. Greenleaf Sphera is an automatic system which keeps the tubes of your heat exchanger 100% clean at all times. The system is smart and maintenance free which will give you the best out of your heat exchanger systems.