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    Energy Efficiency Consulting
    Specialized advisory and consulting services
    in energy and environment sectors
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    Financing Energy Efficiency
    Developed Spcialized financing capability in
    clean energy and productivity sector.
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    Greenleaf Strategic partnerships
    We partner with you as you prepare for the challenges
    that impact your business today and tomorrow.
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    Greenleaf Energy Management
    Greenleaf best practices in energy management have
    delivered significant efficiencies and savings.

Energy Efficiency

Generating sustainable solutions for your business operations.We consult, we advise, we refine, we optimize. We offer sustainability at your doorstep...

Clean Energy
Engineering Solutions

Greenleaf’s industry-leading innovation, best-in-class service and customized, high-quality commercial solutions to help customers realize measurable energy efficiency and cost savings.

Energy Financing

Greenleaf has developed specialist financing capabilities in the clean energy and energy productivity sectors. It shares knowledge and expertise with project sponsors, lenders and the broader industry......

About Us

Greenleaf offers specialized Consulting and Engineering Services in energy and environment sectors including strong presence in Energy Finance market. With the global focus shifting to sustainable and responsible development, Greenleaf recognizes the need for sustainability-centric energy projects and ventures and delivers unique strategies specifically designed to suit individual organizations technological, financial and in- house objective requirements.


In our experience, the energy landscape is complex and ever changing. Our aim at Greenleaf is to make your options clear and to provide you with the expertise and capability to reach your goals

  • We evaluate energy programs and plans so that future performance can be enhanced.
  • We support our clients sustainable energy goals through end-to-end strategic, analytical and technical assistance
  • We design leading programs, plans and policies that can realistically meet or exceed targets.
  • We develop innovative strategies and keep our clients on the cutting edge of technologies and practices.
  • We help building owners save money, strengthen their image, and enhance existing revenue streams
  • We deliver Sustainability Simplified
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Our Work

Offering intelligent and efficient working systems due to the set structures Greenleaf has in place, we are able to provide a complete spectrum of services for projects from viability studies to commissioning.

Our Partners